We elevate human consciousness by teaching the world to human better, one person at a time.

We believe that ALL humans should have access to the principles of The Handel Method®.

We further believe that the ability to design and manifest dreams should be a fundamental human right, not just a privileged service accessible only by the world’s elite.

We Serve Educational Game-Changers and Their Learning Communities

We are essential partners with institutions of formal education — our reach extends to all who are out to have students win. From primary to secondary students, from undergraduates to post-docs, to researchers and innovators looking to enhance impact in educational and governmental institutions of all kinds — we teach, evolve, and support students, those who teach them, and the institutional cultures that are in service to promoting effective learning.

Supporting Individuals

  • Serving educators and students alike, to bring Personal Integrity and Accountability to all ages, in order to to elevate people’s satisfaction and success, as well as happiness in living life.
  • Enhancing traditional education to include: training in tools for living and designing a life that is vision-connected and purpose-driven –— generating educators, the educated, and education systems powered by Happy, Proud, and Inspired humans!

Enhancing Traditional Education

  • Empowering leaders and teachers to inspire others to connect to vision, purpose, and passion at all stages of their educational careers.
  • Enhancing educational system success through cultural transformation.
  • Supporting teams of educators, administrators, and staff as they work to overcome traditional barriers to success –- evolve personal and organizational politics, remove embedded toxicity, and rethink bureaucratic limitations that can be in the way of innovation.

Support Education Innovation

  • Helping educators dream and design big.
  • Evolving whole ecosystems of educators and the educated, en masse, as we provide collaborative coaching program models supporting teachers, children, parents, and education administrators.
  • Building 21st century competencies for educators and their learning teams –- expanding far beyond traditional training experiences by providing holistic personal and leadership development that teachers need to build a strong personal foundation to flourish in their own lives, so they can support and elevate others.
We deliver scalable coaching and life design solutions to individuals and communities, to elevate Personal Integrity® and conscious living in a variety of educational and organizational contexts, and to support people to effectively connect with and realize their dreams.

We teach, evolve, and support students, those who teach them, and the institutional cultures that are in service of effective learning.

We support stakeholders in three key areas:

1We Expand Dreams

  • We empower people to realize their dreams – we help students, educators, parents, and faculty to articulate their dreams in all areas of their life – creating a holistic and balanced foundation for living.
  • We support individuals who choose to dream big and cause change, whether in their local community, broader educational ecosystems, or on a global scale.
  • We help people to stay focused on having thoughts and taking actions that align with their dreams.

2We Elevate Consciousness

  • We reconnect people to their own authorship in all aspects of living.
  • We make the subconscious, conscious. We have humans start to hear the negative thoughts that interfere with their dreams, and then free them up to make the right decisions to create authentic, grounded lives.
  • We enable people to learn from past experiences, investigate the truth about their past, take accountability for their role in authoring their lives, and inspire them to design their own empowered future.
  • We bring attention to the dynamics of the individual subconscious in order to elevate collective effectiveness, creating astounding results.

3We Enhance Effectiveness

  • We teach people how to evolve fear-based, self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, to connect them to their personal mission and purpose, inspiring success in all areas of life.
  • We deliver practical tools – basic skills in living life effectively – through consistent attention to purpose, passion, and Personal Integrity.
  • We help people stay focused on what’s important to them through dynamic application of The Handel Method coaching principles, resulting in consistently happy, proud, and inspired lives.

Where Inspiration Meets Education

The principles of The Handel Method have been taught at the most elite educational institutions on the planet for decades, including Stanford Graduate School of Business, MIT, Yale, London School of Economics, and NYU through the Education Division at Handel Group, one of the world’s largest executive life coaching companies.

Now, we are bringing our straightforward and innovative coaching methodology and programs to even more humans through Human Better EDU – a nonprofit innovator servicing students and those who support them.

Human Better EDU is the foundation of a life design movement. From Kindergarten to Post-Doc, and everything in between. Supporting students and educators to dream bigger, think bolder, and be prouder of themselves and all they are out to cause.

Handel Group is a proud sponsor of Human Better EDU

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Human Better EDU is a nonprofit ‘sibling’ corporation, tasked with expanding the work that Handel Group (HG) has been doing for 17 years.

Simply put, we are codifying and formalizing the ‘spirit’ of what HG has done through its Education Division for almost two decades, which is engaging in philanthropic efforts by providing services for educational institutions of all shapes and sizes. Our mission to bring real life to education remains the same as our scope broadens through this evolution.

Through the launch of Human Better EDU, a nonprofit organization, we are able to expand our proven programs and methodology to serve a broader spectrum of students, teachers, administrators, and educational institutions, including those who have been historically and structurally disadvantaged. We are helping these humans to dream bigger for themselves and their communities, and sometimes, even, to dream for the very first time.

Simultaneously, we serve the dual aim of training educators to bring coaching and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) principles into the post-pandemic classroom. Never has strong emotional resilience, role modeling and personification of SEL, and building of the competencies required in a technological age been more urgent than now.

As a non-profit, we collaborate with philanthropists aligned with our mission to support societal evolutions on a grand scale. We partner with people, organizations, and communities seeking integrated and holistic support through application of our unique coaching methodology – dream expansion, elevating individual consciousness for collective impact, and enhancing personal effectiveness.

Gaby Jordan


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Human Better EDU is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.